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If it's new construction, data wiring, data room/closet rehabilitation, equipment installation, fiber optic cable splicing, network troubleshooting, or project management & consulting,  the professionals at Experienced Network Solutions in Nashville, GA are ready to help.  

We are Licensed and Insured!

Georgia Low Voltage Telecommunications License # LVT305596



Poor equipment installation and maintenance will cause degraded network performance.  We specialize in rehabbing your network to not only make it perform better and faster, but also make it pleasing to the eye.  As many of our customers have experienced, when ENS finishes with your network, you'll brag about it.



All ENS data cables are professionally installed, terminated, and certified above industry standards. We will push 1Gig across each wire and provide you with test results upon completion.  Most companies charge extra to certify; certification of each wire is STANDARD with ENS.



ENS has over 20 years experience in telecom, data, and camera equipment installation: 

  •  Relay Racks
  •  Switches
  •  Firewalls
  •  Patch Panels
  •  Wireless Access Points
  •  Point to Point Radios
  •  Security Cameras​
  •  NVR
  •  Fiber 

Cameras & Access Control


LTS Security Systems

Security is a major concern for residential and commercial property owners.  You need a workable security plan to protect your assets.  The surveillance cameras and access control systems that we offer at ENS can be configured for all your needs.   



Whether you're looking to install inter-connect fibers for separate switch locations or large fiber projects to connect buildings in your network, ENS can help.  Our fiber splicers have over 20 years experience in new construction and testing.



Are you having connectivity issues and slow speeds?  Chances are you're not utilizing the full potential of your network.  Our experienced professionals will test your network and locate the source of your troubles.  



ENS has over 20 years experience in all manner of Telecom, Data, and Fiber Optics installation and repair. We are happy to consult with you or manage your next project.

Allow ENS to install your DC Power Plant!


Loss of AC power affects your electronics and your business' ability to provide reliable service to your customers.  Let ENS install a DC Power Plant in your network to give you peace of mind during local power outages.  

ENS Offers SIP Trunking!

SIP Trunking routes phone calls over your existing Internet connection for big savings and enhanced features!

Better Than Phone Company Lines

Big Savings on Phone Bills & No Contracts

- SIP Trunking can reduce monthly phone bills up to 50%

- SIP Trunking cost savings can quickly offset the cost of a new phone system

- No long term contracts: services are month-to-month 


SIP Trunking makes It is easier and more cost effective to scale as a business grows

Failover Routing

Failover routing automatically redirects inbound calls to an alternate number in the event of a local outage. By location or by DID.

Online Management Portal

Manage SIP Trunking with an easy-to-use web portal



  • Destination monitoring identifies fraud patterns 
  •  Authentication for all outbound calls
  •  Geographical IP address registration restrictions
  •  Ensures customers are behind a firewall
  •  International call blocking if fraud detected
  •  Strong password protocol

Optional Features Enhance Productivity & Business Continuity

  • Auto Attendant: answer and route calls, so callers can easily reach the right person; often used for fail-over/business continuity 
  •  WebFax: streamline faxing by sending, receiving and managing faxes with a PC
  •  FollowMe: Provides call forwarding, call screening, sequential and simultaneous ringing 
  •  Remote Market Numbers: establish a market presence without the costs associated with a physical location
  •  Conferencing : Reserved and reservation-less conference calls with up to 150 participants
  •  Toll-free Numbers: Dedicated toll-free numbers for inbound calling
  •  Voicemail: Dedicated voicemail box that can be used in the event of a local outage


From an Industry Leader…

  • Proprietary VoIP test ensures your network can support high-quality voice service
  • SIP Trunking experts: ENS switches over 2 billion voice minutes each year
  •  Interoped with the leading PBX manufacturers


Reliability Sets Us Apart

99.999% financially backed uptime SLA

SIP Trunking is hosted in top-tier, enterprise-grade datacenters

  •  High-availability hardware and network components guard against outages
  •  In the unlikely event of a datacenter disruption, SIP Trunking service is instantly restored through mirrored datacenters
  •  Multiple tier 1 Internet providers offer redundant service to route traffic around any provider system issues
  •  Geographically dispersed datacenters help ensure availability and facilitate traffic routing
  •  Our technical architecture keeps voice quality at the highest crystal-clear levels


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